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  1. 12 Glow in the Dark Light Switch Stickers (20mm x 10mm)

    Set of 12 small glow in the dark rectangular light switch labels.

    Each sticker is approximately: 20mm x 10mm

    12 labels in total

    Fits most standard modern UK light switches - although please measure and check before purchase.

    Specifically designed to help you easily find light switches in the dark.

    Also suitable for sticking to any other items you would wish to find in the dark such as a phone, bedside lamp, glasses case, keys, bicycle...

    Simply expose your stickers to light during the day - either from natural or artificial light. The more light they are exposed to, the brighter they will glow.

    Rounded corners to prevent edge peel-up with regular use.

    Very pale green / cream colour during the day - hardly noticeable when stuck on a white switch. Glows a bright green in the dark when charged by light.

    Designed and made by us using high grade waterproof glow in the dark vinyl with an 8-10 year outdoor durability.

    This is an extremely bright glow in the dark luminescent vinyl. Very conformable and is able to be used on smooth, textured and contoured surfaces.

    The vinyl we have used to make these labels meets safety specifications: DIN 67510PI / ASTM E 2072-00 / BS 5499: Part 2:1986.

    Full specification sheet available on request.
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